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About Thoughtcast

What is Thoughtcast?

The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

Thoughtcast is a self-help organization created to function as a powerful resource for the modern individual.  From free online content, to virtual coaching programs, to in-person live networking events, Thoughtcast works to help others by teaching them to help themselves. Our mission is to facilitate the spread of mental health awareness, humanitarian education, holistic healing, and substantial philanthropic action on a global scale to help raise the collective consciousness of humanity. 

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Some of the areas we work in are:

 Relationships Advice / Breakups

Marriage Problems

Cheating / Infidelity / Trust Issues

Financial Planning / Retirement

Confidence / Self-Awareness

Business Coaching / Development

Marketing (Social Media, Brand Development, Ad Strategy)


Depression / Anxiety

Fitness / Health

Mental Health / Mindset

Addiction / Trauma

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Our Work


From individual sessions, to private coaching programs,

to group workshops, we work with people

all over the world in a multitude of ways.

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Private Coaching
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Private Coaching

Everyone’s path to success is unique.

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Through our individualized coaching program, we create proven strategies and game plans that work for unique individuals in a high focus environment. We then implement these solutions to help individuals reach their goals, missions, and ultimately live a higher quality life. We work with people of all ages and backgrounds, from children to CEOs.


Live Events

Education. Networking. Community. Philanthropy.

Thoughtcast will begin to push its mission in the physical world through the hosting of live multifaceted events. Featuring a panel of live keynote speakers, a variety of extravagant food and drinks, extensive networking opportunities, and so much more, Thoughtcast Socials will work to bring people together on a large scale. A sizable portion of the proceeds raised from Thoughtcast Social events will be donated directly to charitable organizations. 



Warm regards from happy clients and fans.

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Received from various Thoughtcast social media platforms. All names have been changed for sake of privacy.

“Thank you so much for the consult today! Can't wait to check in in another couple of weeks, hopefully ill be outta this slump by then.”

Lorie M. | Instagram

"Hey! I hope you're doing well. Your TikToks are honestly amazing. It's like my phone is listening and your
videos come up. They have been everything I've needed to hear. I never message like this so I don't
even know what to say but thank you. Sometimes hearing things from a complete stranger is exactly what is needed. I always feel better watching and listening to your
TikToks! Much love from Canada! XO"

Emily C. | Instagram

"Hey man, I just wanted to message you and say thank you. Your TikToks have more than helped me get through my divorce and find closure through it all. I've been able to realize more after listening to them on how to get over and get back to focusing on being a better man for myself and for my kids. So again thank you. You quite possibly saved my life. I was going to a very dark place when I stumbled upon
your page and it's def help turn me around."

Alan K. | Instagram

“I know you'll probably never see this, but thank you, you and your TikToks have really helped me during a dark time, I believe you are a great creator and are doing an amazing thing, keep it up, you deserve all the
love and support that comes your way.”

Michael L. | Instagram

"Hi.. Thanks for your existence, you are a true influence in this moment in my life!! Keep sharing your wisdom greetings and love!!"

Ricardo G. | Instagram



Business inquires




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Thanks for your message! We'll be in contact soon.

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